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Mayrhofen is a renowned ski resort, celebrated not only for its extensive skiing terrains but also for its vibrant local culture and traditions. The resort offers a diverse range of slopes, ensuring that every skier, from beginner to expert, has a memorable and challenging experience. Modern amenities and facilities are at the forefront, providing convenience, comfort, and safety to all visitors. Beyond the skiing, Mayrhofen is a hub of cultural activities, where the resort's rich history comes alive through local customs, music, and cuisine. The après-ski scene is lively and varied, with a mix of relaxation, entertainment, and gastronomic delights. Combining the best of skiing, culture, and alpine beauty, Mayrhofen stands as a top destination for winter enthusiasts.

Hotel Sport & Spa Strass

Hotel Strass has a central location right next to the Penken gondola, with the ski school meeting point at the top of the Gondola. Hotel...


Hotel Landhaus

Hotel Landhaus is located centrally within Mayrhofen and 8-10 minutes’ walk to the lift. The ski bus stop is just 1 minute from the...


Hotel Neuhaus

Hotel Neuhaus holds a central location in Mayrhofen and is just an 8-10 minutes walk to the Penken gondola. Hotel Neuhaus is a pretty hotel...


Hotel Der Siegeler

Hotel Der Siegeler is centrally located and just 5 minutesÕ walk to the Penken gondola. The Der Siegeler hotel has a modern vibe with an...


Hotel Obermair

Hotel Obermair is a small hotel located just 5 minutes’ walk to the resorts centre. The Penken gondola is a 12-minute walk but there...


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