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Serfaus, located in the Austrian Alps, is a skiing destination that resonates with both adventure and tradition. The resort features expansive skiing landscapes, catering to all, from those taking their first ski steps to professionals seeking new challenges. Modern amenities, combined with a network of efficient lifts, ensure that visitors enjoy the best of skiing without any hassles. The charm of Serfaus extends to its cultural offerings. The town is alive with Austrian traditions, from local music and dance to festivals that celebrate the region's rich heritage. Culinary enthusiasts will find joy in the local eateries, where traditional Austrian dishes are served with love. As the day ends, the apr├Ęs-ski scene comes alive, offering the perfect setting to relax and socialize. For a comprehensive winter experience that combines sport, culture, and relaxation, Serfaus is a top contender.

Chalet Gretl

Chalet Gretl is in a central location in Serfaus, with everything you need closeby. The resort itself is car free. Chalet Gretl is a wonderful...


Chalet Tiroler Hof

Chalet Tiroler Hof is located in Serfaus at the foot of the Samnaun mountain range, diagonal to the famous metro (Serfaus is car free)...


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